How to Get Scholarship in Canada University.

1. How can non-STEM student gets a scholarship admission. Answer: Any person can gets scholarship in Canada check top ranked universities for chances. 2. Can a senior in industry be consider while getting an admission or scholarship.  Answer: Canada university considers your field experience. And how long your have been working. If you graduate with Engr … Read more

Tecno POP 3 BB2 10 ROM file download.

Here, in this page you’re going to download Tecno pop 3 bb2 16+E android version 16+E firmware rom and flash fix the phone. You need to read the information about the phone and check if it is android 10 version. There are many variant of Tecno pop 3 and the most common once is android … Read more

Tecno F1 DA File for Secure Error Boot.

You can download DA Download Agent file here. DA files are used to flash mtk android phone chips that has a secured boot image. It is also used in frp bypass, lcd fix after flash, dll download image correction. Tecno F1 is a mtk powered chip android phone that runs on Android version 7.0. Like … Read more

Tecno F1 can’t Format or flash Solution.

Tecno is a popular home with many be used by Africans and Asia.  Despite of being popular phone it has many problems. Ranging from RAM, microcontroller, internal memory corrupts, and software problems. We have many of Tecno phones that run on different android versions. Many work smoothly but others contains stubborn bugs. How to fix … Read more

How to Pay for Car insurance in Nigeria

Today let me show you how you can pay for car insurance in Nigerian and also calculate the Insurance value of your car. that 3 ways you can insure your car in Nigeria left to accident that require. Take for instance if you insure your car against accident, if you have accident you will report … Read more