How to Get Scholarship in Canada University.

1. How can non-STEM student gets a scholarship admission.

Answer: Any person can gets scholarship in Canada check top ranked universities for chances.

2. Can a senior in industry be consider while getting an admission or scholarship. 

Answer: Canada university considers your field experience. And how long your have been working. If you graduate with Engr and work in bank it may be difficult to admit you back in Engineering. 

3. Can someone secure scholarship with industrial experience. 

Answer: If you work your can get Industrial funding. 

4. Can 2.2 CGPA get scholarship?

Answer: CGPA depends on university and department unless you can prove that your have improved yourself. There must be a professor to stand for you. College can admit you with you 2.2.

5. MSc without Thesis can it do PhD eg MEng. Think of Research before MSc and PhD. Don’t just sit after graduation. 

6. Can a mature student with family gain scholarship and admission. 

Answer: Don’t add marital status or number of kids no one cares as long as you can do your job. You will tell us what you’ve been doing.

7 You must reach whether on your own or with the help of Prof before PhD.

8. How can somebody switch from health to Computer Science. 

Answer: It may be possible in some countries universities but not in Canada University unless your are going to take some undergraduate courses. There must be a connection from your current course to the one you’re going for.

9. How to build up and develop a skill for PhD. 

Answer: Think of a Research that can solve numerous human problems. Ask those in the field like professors how you can go about it.

10. Can someone get direct admission to PhD with MSC. 

Answer: Yes, but why will you do that? If you’re good during your undergraduate studies you can, but it is advisable to take MSC first. If you crash during your PhD you can back rolled to First or Second degree otherwise you loose both.

11. Some universities demand your academic writing before admission. 

Answer: You need academic writing, this can be research you’ve done or your project.

12. Can someone with PhD in Africa do another PhD in Canada. 

Answer: Yes but why will you do that?. You can check university website and mail professors for more discussion. 

14. Does someone need English Proficiency Exams before get scholarship or admission in Canadian universities?

Answer: Nigeria and Ghana that have English language as a lingua franca are exempted. But if you mistakenly provide an ugly result you will be disqualified. So if you’re from this country better not.

15. Which institution in Canada fund PhD?

Answer: Almost all universities in Canada funds fund PhD and provide scholarships otherwise you get external help. 

16. Can someone transfer a PhD or MSC from other countries uni to Canada. 

Answer: No, but you can do your research with us.
You can get partial or full scholarship from any universities. You can get fund from research assistance or teaching assistance.

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Answered by Prof Rita Orji

Dalhousie University

  • Halifax, NS, Canada