How to get free funded UK Chevening Scholarship 2022.

A companion Chevening Fellowships Scheme was launched by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2004. The Fellowships program provides places for mid-career professionals already in positions of leadership and influence to undertake 3-month courses in fields related to the FCDO’s policy goals.

In October 2018, the Chevening Scholarships Programm celebrated its 35th anniversary by awarding a total number of 1,800 scholarships from 160 countries for the 2018/19 school year. Earlier that year, the number of Chevening alumni also hit the 50,000 mark

The significance of the Chevening scholarship scheme rests on its large scope – in 2017/18 1650 scholarships were awarded to students from more than 140 countries, allowing students from developing countries to access British tertiary education institutions, some of which are of a very high standard as determined by international rankings

Application opens 3 August every year. Application opens with the selected date. Check if your country is qualified or eligible for the scholarship. Then apply for the link below  

November 3rd application is shifted based on eligibility criteria. A committee will overlook at the applicants eligibility, scores and ranking. After the that it will he passed back to UK Embassies if all the countries involved. 

February next year applicants are shortlisted for interviews. Once you’re invited, then congratulations you’ve made it to that stage. 

April after interview invitation is submission of transcripts and references. Ensure to get your documents handy before the said deadline month .The you’ll proceed for a scheduled interview appointment in Britain High Commission Embassy office.

Early June your progression result will be out. Take the step now and apply, it is free. If you fails first application check your shortcomings, correct it and apply more. 

What will Inspire you to apply?

It is a full funded Masters Program. 
What are the benefits of being a Chevening fellowship?

cost around €2k or more.

Apply here, here or here

Tips for Chevening scholarship application. 


Be Intentional. 

Rely on your Experience.

 Be Concise when writing the Essay. 

Start application early. 

How to Win the Scholarship? 

Be open and seek help.

Observe timeline.

Check the eligibility criteria. 

Write the essay with consideration in mind and convection.

Elaborate in your essay but make it short. 

Don’t copy and paste and avoid using native formulated English.

 Don’t delay any process. 

Mind the type of reference you choose.

Get ready with your transcripts and other materials.

 Make sure that your international passport is ready and valid. 

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