Confirmations from Chevening Scholarship Students.

Read testimonies coming from those that gained admissions from Chevening Scholarship and graduated across UK Universities.

I have been awarded with Distinction honours in my Robotics Engineering MSc.
It has really been a journey. Thanks to Chevening Awards and Liverpool Hope University for believing in me, …
As it is always said in these occasions,

Chevening Alumnus Christian Fru Ngang, a native of the northwest region of Cameroon,
studied Engineering in Water Sanitation and Health Engineering at the University of Leeds
in 2018 and worked with leading water and sanitation experts in the UK.

Massive thanks goes to Chevening Awards for making this dream come true.
It’s a true life changing experience, and everyone who’s this dream in them
and aren’t sure of their finances, please check out Chevening Awards

University of Brussels

Needless to say, none of the above could have taken place if it weren’t for the enormous, constant support unconditionally provided by my family. This year, inter alia, has taught me how irreplaceable family is and how lucky and blessed I am to have each family member beside me.

Chevening, the revered, what made all this journey happen, I can’t Thank You enough for what you have gifted me with for the past year.

Mildred Dominican Republic
Thank you to Chevening Awards and the UK Embassy in Santo Domingo for the initiative of creating this network of marvelous people from all these countries. People that are extraordinary and now I can deeply call my dear friends for life.
Thank you to my Dear mentor

Jose University of Bristol
Thrilled to have achieved a Merit in my MSc International Development from University of Bristol.
Lot to say, but I’m feeling so thankful for such a time of enormous learning, both personally and professionally speaking.
Special thanks to Chevening Awards for awarding me with a scholarship to make this project true.

Deeply grateful for the opportunity and excellent professionals provided to me by Manchester Metropolitan University @manmetuni in completing this Master in Fashion Business Management with Distinction. Especially for the support and knowledge shared by my tutor, Dr. Patsy Perry, and by our program director, Dr. Priscilla Y L Chan. I would like to thank the Chevening Scholarship, the UK government’s global scholarship programme, for the support that enabled this incredible experience. The successful completion of this Master would have been impossible without the help and support of my life partner and his tireless support, @manuvelazquezgaray and by my family. Finally, above all I want to thank God ❤️ Now, excited about the new projects that are coming to apply everything I have learned!

Time for a new challenge! Got selected into the UK’s prestigious Chevening Scholarship. I’ll be taking a career break for my Masters in International Journalism @Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd Looking forward to what this next chapter holds! #ChosenForChevening #CardiffUni Chevening Awards

Its with great pleasure to announce that I have been selected as a chevener 2021/22 to study MSc Clinical Oncology at University of Birmingham , UK from September 2021….I not only consider my self a sickness survivor but an activist fighting for other patients through my work as a nurse.

Months after starting the chevening application I was awarded this prestigious scholarship on my first attempt..Thanks to the Chevening Awards for the opportunity.

Mission accomplished! Second master’s degree concluded, now in one of the most renowned and traditional universities in the world, in the best course in innovation and law in Europe.

mycheveningjourney #uoelaw

University of Edinburgh Law School
Chevening Awards

Thus, my dissertation titled “The Political Settlement and the ‘Learning Crisis’: Politics Explaining Learning Outcome Gaps between Urban and Rural Schools in Colombia” sought to analyse and comprehend the influence of politics in entrenched learning gaps and uneven access quality education between rural and urban schools in Colombia. Writing my dissertation was a personal journey based on my rural origin and my experience as a teacher in rural communities, seeking to uncover answers to continue fighting for redressing and tackling structural inequalities in our society through education.

I could not have done it without the support of my mum, my loyal and incredible partner María Andrea Prieto Sarabia, family, Carolina Prieto Sarabia, Daniel Agudelo Navarro, Eileen Marren, friends, peers along the way, professors, my academic advisor and dissertation supervisor Dr Pritish Behuria, and Chevening Awards. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to thank and express all my gratitude to them for their unconditional support.

My gratitude further extends to all the Professors, lecturers and administrative staff at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) their continuous support and making it possible for me to acquire such a profound academic experience.

I would like to thank the Chevening Secretariat Chevening Awards and @ukinsouthafrica for having actualised this dream come true for me through the receipt of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship.

I officially completed my Master of Science in Environment and Development at The University of Edinburgh with distinction!

Thank you Chevening Awards for allowing me to live this dream and have an amazing experience despite all the usual challenges of studying abroad amplified by the pandemic.

I am glad for all the amazing people I met and I am ready for the next steps of this journey.

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