How to enable Https secure and make all network browse your blog eg Glo

How to enable Https secure and make all network browse your blog eg Glo

Cloudflare helps glo network to open blog

Clodflare helps make Https: secure solution


Have you wonder what it takes to keep large website like nairaland or CNN going despite the fact that they have large and big traffic.

For nairaland users, sometimes when you want to open the site there will be something in picture below.


This is where the backbone of nairaland comes into Cloudflare.

Have you wonder that after upgrading to https and changing all the http to https the insecure icons remains on the search. This site is insecure ans you can proceed on your own risk.


If you are in Nigerian, is obvious that Glo can’t open your blogger once you upgrade to domain name. This is a set back, don’t panic any more becuase your solution is not far fetch but here.

Before we go on let’s introduce Cloudflare and Cloudflare CDN.

Cloudflare is just like a web hosting company but they work in cloud. Registration is free, Cloudflare helps you take care of https, enable all network browse your blog. And most importantly speed up your blog. This is not an advert for Cloudflare but a way to help bloggers.

Introducing Cloudflare CDN

CDN Content Delivery Network refers to distributed group of dedicated servers which work together to provide fast delivery content of internet. A CDN makes it easier for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.Major sites like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon use the service of CDN.

When you configure your CDN properly it will take care of site virus or malware and also avoid bandwidth access denial.

The advantages of using and CDN configuration.

1. Helps Https security issues. SSL.

2. It increase website or blog loading times
3. It accommodates more bandwidth then reduces bandwidth cost.
4. It makes blog or website contents always available.

Let show you how to make all network including Glo browse your blog with domain name

Step 1.

Go to Cloudflare dashboard and register

Step 2.

Add your website.

Step 3.

Choose free unless you have a large traffic and will like to get more benefits from Cloudflare.

Step 4.

Cloudflare will scan and show the domain/blog dns.

Step 5.

Cloudflare will give you two dns address that you have to add in your domain name dashboard.

Write down or copy these 2 DNS needed to add on your domain registrar NameServer.
Am using GoDaddy below is how to change or insert Cloudflare dns in GoDaddy domain register dashboard if you are not hosting the domain yourself then as the person hosting it to add the two address (dns) .

a. Open your domain registrar like GoDaddy and add the DNS

Note: changing DNS Is at your own risk but, I have not recorded any problem since I did.

As a blogger what we want is traffic, speed and security.

Everything is done for all network to open your blogspot with domain name.

Following the above step with Cloudflare will increase your traffic.

HHPS: Recently Google announced introduction or migration of https because of security. Have you wondered that after migration to https your address carries https with red crossed.

The reason is when you open your blog there edit the list two lines of Google address carry http and cannot be changed.

So what is the alternative, the only way to get http red to https green is to add your dns in Cloudflare.

Step 6.

Open Cloudflare dashboard and locate dns.

Check if your domain name is point to these IP address


Go to your blog settings and CNAME dns address

copy this

Add your blog dns pic

Add your @(domain) point to. Up(4)

Conclusion : If everything is added accordingly within some hours your blog will speed up and start running. Check and see that http:// will change to https:// in all browsers.