Google Adsense rejection: Facts, Reasons and Solutions.

Google Adsense rejection: Facts, Reasons and Solutions.

Causes of Google Adsense rejection in 2018

The fear and pain of Google Adsense rejection seems to be end of the road. You have put in so much effort in your blog website and decided to apply for Adsense so that you get some supporting revenue. Mind you Adsense is not the sky scrapper if you are a blogger. Is only when you get Adsense approved that you will see the other side of it. Though there is hope when you get approved. Remember everything about computer is garbage in garbage out. 

Many people have tried to get Adsense approval but couldn’t. Many people gave up their Internet career pursue while others resulted to alternative ads like propellerads, adnow, tribal network ads and so on.

Have you tried going through some big forums like nairaland and so on, they don’t use Google Adsense. Why? It seems they don’t like money from Adsense, find out yourself.

Writing as a pro in the field, if Google Adsense can’t approve your application using alternative ads will not make you rich either. Unless you want use (Pop Up) from propellerads, mind you is not all internet reader that is comfortable with pop up ads. Before you apply for Google Adsense, what is your aim of blogging? Is it to make money, or because you have passion for it? If your aim is to make money you better pack your load, you have failed before starting as computer is garbage in garbage out. Before money will come as a blogger, you have to do the right thing. Before your Google Adsense can be approved you have to get it right.

Possible causes of Google Adsense rejection and secret to get approval.

>>High Quality contents


>>Insufficient contents


>>Adult Contents

>>Domain Name

>>Offensive Language

>>Linking bad or rejected site

>>Site Downtime or inconsistency

>>Previously banned site

>>Encouraging Users to click

>>Unique Niche

>>Your Blog not COPPA compliance


May be owning to Adsense policies. You have set up your WordPress, blogger Jumular or any other Internet running, you have done everything. You blog has stayed up to 8 months but you keep on getting.

* Unfortunately we are unable to approve.. 

* We cannot approve your Adsense… 

* This blog has been rejected because… 

* Disapprove because of this or that…

We have reviewed your site, but….. 

Follow these instructions below to get Google Adsense approved within 2 days.

1. High-Quality Content

Before you apply for Google adsense. Check your content for quality. A blog that has 20 posts contents may get approval why the one with 200 post will not. This is all about quality not quantity. Google see quality contents as king because they are humans that review your blog and must get satisfied with what they see. I believed that a post well written with about 300+ words is enough.

A high quality blog should be of:

  • – unique and fresh content. 

  • -long enough content.

  • -proper headings and bullet lists where needed. 

proper sentences with punctuation just like easy

  • · content that has grammar and spelling checked before published.

  • · useful and informative content.

    2. Navigation

    When you hear navigation on Google is not only Pages but other things like site design, structures and speed. Your blog design will be in a way that the rolling of eye balls can catch almost the full blog. Your blog must have the followings

           About Page
    About Page tells google that is a real person not a robot. You can include briefly what you and the website is all about.

          Contact Us Page
    Every visitor of your site is like your friend. As a friend he will like to contribute to your success or downfall. Is only through Contact Us page that your visitor can critics or suggest a way forward for you. The viewer can also use this to reach you for more information. Your Contact Page must have a form or your social media links. It shows Google that you care about their customers and your viewers.

           Privacy Policy Page
    Privacy policy page on a website is a must have. In this page you tell your viewers or customers that you apply advert. Your also tell them on which information that will be needed of them and why. Google Adsense takes this serious because you suppose indicate google and other policy in this page. Once you have added Privacy Policy then Google will know that you are ready for business not scam.

    Ohers are

    •  easy to navigate,

    • · free from useless items in sidebar or footer,

    • · search engine friendly,

    • · fast loading.

    Like a Pro Divide your blog Header into two check here

    3. Traffic:

    Is no longer news that as water is essential for plant same way traffic is for blog. So before you think of blogging think of your traffic source. Do your want organic on inorganic traffic. Organic is best because inorganic traffic can hinder you from getting adsense approval. If you are in habit of self click your blog, google is watching you. Or are you asking your friend to click. Any other traffic you get through back door or bought will drop adsense approval. ‎

    4. Insufficient Contents

    It sound as the name is insufficient. It may be funny but truth that this particular article is more than 2,000 word. One of the Google Policy starts that you should write rich and organic content. Google can approve your Adsense request with only 5 post of sufficient contents. I have my adsense approved because it takes me time to write one post. I don’t post everyday but my article is rich, organised, organic, and will stand out of crowd.
    Google is looking for a post that can educate the Internet users, be a silly crawl and index by search engine and always on top. Sufficient content is that post/article that the writer use Blog Title, H1, H2, H3 and H4, Paragraphs, Sentences, Punctuation, Numbering, Bullets, appropriately.
    Don’t write half content and expect approval. It is better for you to have 5 sufficient post in blog than 500 inorganic and insufficient post. Is not most that your post or article must be about 3k words like this tip. But ensure you organise yourself before you write your organised post.

    5. Adult content

    Blogger do funny things just to get traffic. Among the things they do is to write on content that is not appropriate for all the users in Internet, somehow content suppose to be categorize based on the viewers age, religion and perceptions. When you want Adsense approval you think of content or article that is accepted across all religion, age and faith.

    Adult content especially when you liked adult sxx generates traffic but Google is telling you to write an educative content not corrupt content. If your blog content has age or talked about romantic content don’t think of Google approval. Have you seen 18+ (adult content) blog that has Adsense on it unless the blog owner got Adsense from other ways. Mind you the recent change in Adsense policy doesn’t allow showing Adsense in any site without the site being reviewed by Google Adsense team.

    6.Domain Name

    Domain name (example.Com) is another factor that can render or delay your blog adsence approval. This is insignificant approach, because I got approval without domain Name. But if you want to show how serious you are as a blogger, you need top level domain name that is changing from (blogspot) to (.com). If you will like to advertise directly to people, it is a must ensure you buy a domain name.

    But if you don’t have enough money continue building your blog contents in quality. Whether you have domain name or not if your blog is standard, Google must approve your AdSense request.

    7.Offensive language.

    This may sound funny but is truth in our society today value is diminishing. You see people you suppose learn from using the type of words you can never use. You see people in authority talk whatever comes their mouth instead of their mind. So which language do you use in your contents if they talked about particular tribe, race, religion, promote violent, insult to a person. Then you write about somebody(celebrity) health unconfirmed just to get traffic. You spread false rumors! Check your contents compliance before you apply for Google AdSense.

    8.Linking bad or rejected site

    if you are pro blogger you suppose hear about backlinks. Backlink is a situation when you comment in another person blog indicating your URL. This is a powerful tool to make your blog more visible in Google Search Engine (SEO).

    But here care should be taking if the site you are using is complied Google Adsense. Do you know about the site history, has it been ban or rejected from using Adsense? Is not only back link but also referring to other site with a link on your blog. If this particular site has been rejected or ban before, Google can also punish you by not approving your Adsense.

    9. Site downtime or inconsistency

    Mostly this particular problem has to do with hosted server. Bloggers are free from this. I was a victim of this when webcentral hosted my wordpress. I never know that the guy I am paying money to is sharing host with another server. It was so bad that once the traffic is up to 500 users per second the site will shutdown, my hosted site then kept going off and on like once a week. I solved this problem by migrating from WordPress to blog platform. So before you start blog journey make sure you ask questions and get reliable host (if you want use wordpress,). Other wise use blogspot (blog).

    10. Previously banned site

    Many bloggers and online users always use shortcut. They are tricky when it comes to google policy. One of the Google Adsense policy starts that if your site has been banned from using Adsense may be by error or suspicious activity you can only appeal using due process, Some bloggers don’t even read Google Adsense policy, Some read but don’t digest it. So if your blog has been banned is only appeal you can do. Applying to Adsense won’t get approved.

    11 Encouraging users to click.

    One day my friend called and said that his Adsense has been suspended, I ask him to be honest what did he do? He confess that he asked his friends to click Adsense. I laughed, I wonder how and what his friends will be clicking. Adsense ads (advert) depending on the setting only shows what is relevant or most search by the user. If you click ads, the owner of blog will earn some revenue but it will only benefit him (earn higher) when you do carry out transaction with the click. I read a blog one day where the blog owner is busy begging to the readers to click his ads. what! Click your ads, are you kidding me! This is a bad practice though can mainly affect already approved Adsense owner. Where it can affect you applying for Adsense is when you place the Adsense code on your blog add ask friend to continuously viewing your site.

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    12. Unique Niche

    Blogging, traffic, content, Niche, internet. This are the words as a blogger you will be familiar with.

    What is niche? This is a particular field or area you want to blog on. I laugh when I see people blogging entertainment. The most Adsense paid less blog is entertainment. Do you want to rank high in Google Search engine? Do want to get alot traffic in short time without spending money or buying traffic? Do you want to make money as a blogger? Find the Niche that is unique and less competitive. They are many things there that have not be touched. Blogging platform is not only to write, you can design a forum or social media platform. You can also figure out a way to solve societal problems. I write many on tech because is my field. What is your field? You are an expert on your field, Do more research and write on it. People must visit your blog instead of gossip in entertainment.

    13. Your Blog not COPPA compliance

    The issue of children is taken seriously when it comes to surfing internet. Your contents does it meet the requirements that the children will learn? Most bad practice online is the one that a particular bad news is being recoined by 100s of bloggers in the name of traffic. You are exposing the young once to what adult can tolerate, so if your content is not COPPA compliance getting Adsense approval will be difficult.

    14. Scrapping

    Scrapping means when your contents (almost all) are being seen or appear in other website. This is duplication of highest order. Nobody is against guest blogging or backlinks, but as a new blogger you must avoid them and focus on your own unique content. Imagine when your blogging contents all are being seen in other websites. Somebody can use your content, post or article and give you credit but it doesn’t mean that the person should copy all your contents. Depends on your website platform I will advise you to disable right click. And from time to time google your content to see how many people that have copied it. Scrapping can cause Adsense not to approve your request.

    Others Factors that can disapprove your Google Adsense application includes:-

    Your Blog should be free from other ads during application because Google hates competitions.

    • · Pirated Content 

    • Ensure the place the adsense code on header widget.

    • · Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia

    • · Hacking or Cracking Tutorials

    • · Other Illegal Stuff

    • Only Music or Videos.