Preparing Java SE in Windows PC for Android Studio Installation

What you are going to see here is old method of installing java SE associated with Android Studio. This is a good method for beginners. If you want to start Android Studio mobile apps design, you need to know this method.

Go to oracle website and download latest Java See software.

Click on Accept Licence Agreement to continue downloading.

Click the Next button to enable the java download to your PC

Here the Java is requesting the folder to use. I will recommend using the same folder that host Android Studio. Or any of your choice.

When downloading of Java is done we need to set of computer environment to make things work smoothly. From the picture below Click Control Panel and select Advanced System Settings.

Then from the Settings click on Advanced tab. Then Click Environment Variables.

As seen in image below from Environment Variables select C;javajdk(version) installed earlier on your PC. Then click Edit button and follow instructions below.

The next thing to do as in image below is to Enter JAVA_HOME in variable name and C:javajdk followed by the version of Java SE in variable value. Click OK.

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