Tecno F1 can’t Format or flash Solution.

Tecno is a popular home with many be used by Africans and Asia.  Despite of being popular phone it has many problems. Ranging from RAM, microcontroller, internal memory corrupts, and software problems.

We have many of Tecno phones that run on different android versions. Many work smoothly but others contains stubborn bugs. How to fix this problems is what this article will tackle. But before we continue let me drop some of the signs that this Tecno F1 shows is hard bricked.

When your Tecno F1 has a hard bricked you will notice. 1. Tecno F1 will start hanging. 2. When you reset techno f1 all your files will be intact.  3. After flashing, nothing will be removed from the phone and it won’t work. 4. The phone will be showing Memory Full and nothing is inside. 5. The phone will lag and hangs on logo.

To fix Tecno F1 problem, there are many methods of some we will discuss shortly:- 1. Check if your battery is okay or try another battery. 2. Perform Hard Reset by hold both Up volume with Power button, let go power button and still hold up volume when you see logo, follow the screen instructions when the phone enter fast boot mode, select wipe data and wait for the phone to boot. 3. If number two doesn’t fix your problem is time to flash your phone.

To flash Tecno F1 follow below instructions:- 1. Charge the battery of the phone to about 60%. 2. Go to here and download this rom/firmware. 3. Extract the firmware from the zip and save the file where you can remember. 4. Prepare the software you will use in flashing the hone like SP Tool, Afer Sales, NCK, Miracle box etc.. 5. Let’s use SP Tool. Goto here and download the file, extract the file and save in a location where you can remember. Open the sp tool file. 6. Go to here and download Tecno F1 DA File. 7. Load the da file and Tecno F1 rom inside SP Tool and flash. Untick preloader file in SP Tool before you click Download. 8. Wait for the phone to finish flashing and power the phone.

If the problem still persists after flashing then is time to use our final solution.