Nokia 8 android Hard Reset

Nokia 7 android Hard Reset

What is hard reset?

Before we discuss hard reset, we have to understand what is Reset. Reset in android is a process by which you choose an option or use combination buttons to wipe the android phone.

This wipe will remove all the settings the user applied, all the applications the user installed and more especially delete/format the storage contents.

We have two types of Reset Soft Reset and Hard Reset.

Soft Reset us when you format and android phone by going through Menu>>Settings>>Backup & Restore>>Format phone. When you perform soft reset, is likely if you automatic backup button is on, that you will recover all your files and data after erase. This type of reset only returns screen to the default user settings. There may be no lost of applications.

Hard Reset is just like soft reset but the difference is that it is being performed with combination buttons. The use of combination buttons to format phone started with Nokia Symbian phones.

Here, when you perform Hard Reset you are not only going to loose all the applications but the phone internal memory will be wiped out. In some cases the phone can brick if there is some virus or bug.

Difference phones have different ways you can perform hard reset, it has bricked many phones. There are two ways you can perform hard rest apart from phones that erase directly.

a) Wipe User Data

b) Wipe Cache

When you select wipe user data, chances is there that you can recover some things inside the phone after format.

To perform Nokia 8 android Hard Reset.

1. Charge the Nokia phone battery to about 100%.

2. Power off the android phone and allow it for some times.

3. Plug in charger to the phone that is USB connect to charger. 

4. Immediate the phone shows androidone or charging, press Volume Up and Power button. See image below.

5. When you android sign with no command display on the screen according to picture below.

6. Press Power button followed by Volume Up. this will take you to recovery Mode.
7. In recovery Mode use volume up or Volume down to highlight and power to select wipe data user.

8. In Wipe data Mode use volume up or Volume down to highlight and power to select wipe Yes.

9. wait till for your phone to finish format.

10. Once done then use Power button to select Reboot device and wait for some minutes for the Nokia android to boot.

You just perform android hard reset.