Nigerians Mismanagement of Network Data like Youtube addiction.

Somebody asked in a forum to know if the person he is sending money across to recharge data for his mum is scamming him. Reason that the data doesn’t last, this data is used for video call. I laughed though he wanted to know.

Data reduction
How to minimize the use of Data

Let me remind us what will cost you to download 4 minutes mp3 music from internet is far greater that what you will use and download a Full textbook in pdf format. If you can read, it will he better to download more books than more music. Internet is a dictionary for searching the meaning of what don’t know. That is the reason is called Search Engine. Audio music just like video and MP4 formats has different quality and sizes.

One thing is sure here in this great article, you can flow while I unveil the nucleus of the discussion. I do video editing most times. I use many devices to capture videos ranging from Sony mount camera to iPad, android phone and screen recorder. The output of these devices in terms of size will shock you.

1 video of 1 minute ranges from 1KB to 50MB. It depends on the device used, the size of frame, the picture quality, the audio quality and background added. You have heard about HD videos.  Most hd videos are high quality with high capacity and bigger data. In order to stream this type of videos you must have enough data.

I have 10 minutes video which I covered with iPad 2 the size is 277MB, but I still have the 10 minute video of about 10MB.  1GB = 1024MB. Imagimg if 1MB cost #1, then 1GB is approximately  1k. To stream a HD video for about 1 hour then you’re coughing out #500 just for video chatting. 

Lets go down to business which is YouTube addiction. The videos you see in YouTube are produced to entice you and keep you coming for more.  YouTube is good especially when it been used for learning and knowledge. In most time this is not always the case, imagine when you watch part 1, part 2, part 3 and still waiting for part 7 to come out. There is something you forget in a hurry, an not condemning your act but you’re wasting money.

You may think that you recharge 500 to watch part 1, meaning that if you’re going to watch 10 parts you’ll spend 10×500=5000. 5k for watching moving, how much is your monthly salary? How much do you save per a month? How much do you have in your bank account? Who is after your success? What are you waiting for to start saving  money? How come your account is always red? Your enjoying the pleasure of today that can destroy your measure of tomorrow. 

Are you addicted to YouTube? This is the time to advice yourself? You’re helping someone to make more while you go less. But if your have more money to spare and still be comfortable continue your good work. Who am I to question your authority when I also have a YouTube channel. My channel only to help you in the time of difficult. To me is time to cut our expenses that are unnecessary.

 When I joined LinkedIn like Instagram, I have this problem of more data consumption. Trust what I can do, I searched and research and come up with this that can help you opt out from LinkedIn automatically video play. This help me to only play the video I want to play. This will also help you when you go through it.

Don’t let social media control you! You should be the one to control your life of Social Media.