Nigeria Car Insurance: A problem without easy solution

Buying G-wagon and Range Rover in Nigeria is not a problem but maintenance.

Insurance is defined as a process by which you pay premium. That means you pay per annual or periodically. Anything happens to the object or life insured you get a benefit or your next of kin.

In most cases depending on the insurance type you pay this money to company or government. If there is any damage or loss then compensation from company assured to you.
Insurance ranges from house, life, Car, Pet, valuable objects etc.

The work of an insurance company is to provide protection against unforeseen circumstances. When you are ensure health ahead and fell sicked it is expect that Insurance company will foot your medical bills.

Car insurance also known as auto insurance is an agreement between you the owner of the car and insurance company to pay should in case your car has accident or stolen.

As you pay your premium if your car has accident or theft the insurance company will pay you part payment or full payment.

Do you really pay for car insurance in Nigeria?

Do you know insurance companies that insured your own vehicle?

When did you hear somebody being paid in Nigeria by insurance company?

Where is location of your car insurance company office in Nigeria?

What happens when your car break down?.

In Nigeria there’s always a sharp practice for everything and people are always in a hurry.

Imagine you renew your vehicle particulars together with insurance you don’t know if the insurance company that collector renewal money from you even exist.

I pay for my car insurance but my concern is that a worker from Revenue Office always do it for me. I don’t know if the money I gave him even reach the insurance company. If the company exist where do I locate them?

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Nobody is praying for evil but what if it happens how company. It has been long ago when I had a man sue his insurance company for compensation. What is happening now is because we don’t ask questions. If you want to pay for your particulars or get new one as they renewal or revenue office how you can locate your insurance company.

Some Insurance companies in Nigeria are
Mutual benefit assurance Lagos

Uncle Ensure Company Lagos.

Guinea Insurance Lagos

Industrial and General insurance owerri

Insurance PLC Lagos

Great insurance Lagos

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Consolidated HallMark Insurance

Continental Reinsurance

Cornerstone Insurance PLC

Crusader Insurance PLC

Custodian Insurance PLC

Equity Insurance PLC

Goldlink Insurance co ltd

Guaranty Trust Assurance PLC

Industrial and General Insurance PLC (igi)

International Energy Insurance PLC

Lasaco Assurance PLC

Niger Insurance lagos

Consolidated hallmark insurance Lagos

Port and Company insurance brokers.

Acen Insurance company

Adic Insurance

african alliance Insurance company limited

AIICO Insurance plc

A&G Insurance

Law union and rock Insurance plc

Leadway Assurance company limited

Linkage Assurance plc

Mutual Benefit Assurance plc

Nem Insurance PLC

Niger Insurance PLC

Types of Insurance

Naicom Insurance

Nigeria deposit insurance corporation (ndic).

See complains from Nigerians
A Car owned that insured his car said

I had an accident where my car hit another car. Though the damage was not bad but the owner insisted that I should repair his car. I called my internal revenue agent only to be surprised that the woman doesn’t know much about Insurance Company. I ended repairing both my car and the other person car. Where is My Insurance company?

Anomalous says:

Good morning, I was driving along warri / Benin express road when my vehicle fell, scraped the tarred ground into Bush ,due to potholes in the road; Yet the insurance company is telling me that, they are not aware of my insurance paper since I didn’t come to their office myself to process what was processed at the motor license office of the state. A third party insurance policy.

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They are claiming it’s from agents or touts and this set of people can’t operate without them giving them the nod from Delta State Motor License Office. Although, their claims now is that, they’re not being settled properly by those at the license office. In fact, I don’t know how this concerns me their customer and complainant.

This is one of the reason people hate anything to do with insurance companies. They don’t seem to be straight in their dealings.

Another person complained

I need them to act accordingly. But I’m yet to be attended to. This accident took place in a Month back.

So what do you advice me, to do next?

Another car owner complained that

Insurance these days are becoming more dynamics than ever. I was told by an insurance company which I won’t disclose it’s name that there are car premiums that last for just a day.

My question remains, the money we pay insurance companies how does it end up? Is it internal revenue that collects the money or Insurance companies?

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