How to write perfect blog post for google snippets

Blogging: The best practice to win snippet. 

As a blogger, what is your target? Do you write for writing sake or do you set a goal for yourself? I have been writing for some years now and each time I write, I have in mind of targeting google first page. Google Crawler or google bot that is responsible for being up a post to first page. Breaking the bearers of competition is like examiner. 

The Google Crawler works like examiner that gives 40% and 100% as pass Mark. When you score 40% in exam, you pass and when another person scores 100% the person also pass. If you are an examiner (Google Crawler ), you will pick the person that scores 100% first followed by 40%. This is how Google bot or Crawler works but not only that is based on first come first serve. Your social media presence is also inclusive.

What is Google snippet? is when one of your post appears on google first page. Not only first page but number one with some text from your post shows as summary. Google says that is only when your post matches the searching question tag.


Check the best guidance to win Google first page

How to structure a post for Google snippet

Snippet target brings about exposure, introduce high ranking. Ranking fetches you traffic, traffic volume brings revenue to blog. The higher the revenue the better smile of blog owner.

Winning a snippet post is not only gold mine but creates more exposure for your other posts. Remember if you score 100% in exam people may think you can also score 100% in another exams. The best practice for you as a blogger is to target snippet box. Although google says that there is no particular format for snippet but you have to prepare your post and blog for snippet position. 

That number 1 in google page and also google pick. Here in this post we are going to twerk our blog structure and post to meet google snippet condition. If your blog platform is word press or blogger paid theme, you don’t have much to worry about but still you have to test your blog structure (data)

HOW TO TEST BLOG STRUCTURE with Data testing Tool

1. Go to structure data tool, enter your blog domain name or URL. Click on then write at your right hand side the parameter that will come with red cross Mark. Normally, in order for your post to win snippet, there is suppose to be no errors on your theme/template data structure. So we have to correct these errors.

2. How to correct Structured Data Testing Tool errors generated. We use schema markup for blog SEO. When you test your website or domain url. is likely that some errors will be found. Below are some of the errors and how to fix them. Remember that our writing aim is target Google Snippets and we can’t do that unless our post is inline with google standard.So lets get rid of blogposting structured errors.

How to fix a value for the datePublished feild is required

How to fix a value for the publisher field is required

How to fix a value for the image field is required

How to fix a value for the headline is required

How to fix the dateModifield is recommended, please provide a value if available.

How to remove the headline is recommended, please provide a value if available