How to flash SPD Android phones

Here we are going to show you how to flash SPD Android phones like itel A11.

There are three types of flashing tool can use and flash SPD android phones.

How to flash SPD Android phones

1. Research download tool

2. Upgrade download tool

3. Factory download tool

Research download is used on SPD android phones like itel A16 and KimFly M2.

Upgrade Download to is used for almost all latest SPD android buts the limitation is to write petition failed.

Factory download mainly used for SPD android that shows petition error like Itel A11, Itel A12, and Itel 1508.

Apart from Flashing Software Miracle box, CM2 and NCK box can also be used to flash SPD Android phones

To flash SPD Android phone.

1. Download Flashing Software tools if you don’t have flashing Box like research, upgrade tool etc.

2. Extract the file (flashing file) downloaded

3. Download the latest SPD USB driver from here and 
install the drivers downloaded.

4. Download the phone firmware (,pac file) itel A16 rom

5. Extract the Rom and save.

6. Ensure the phone’s charging port that connect to computer.

7. Power off the phone and connect it to the computer. When the driver installation pops up allow it to install.

8. Open the flashing tool, remove your phone from computer load the Rom on the tool.

9. Press Android Volume Up or Volume Down, press download button on the tool (research download), then connect the phone to computer

10. Give the phone some minutes to finish flashing.

You can use comment if any problem.