How to fix codec 64-bit video error in powerpoint 2016.

codec 64-bit video error in powerpoint 2016.
How to fix codec 64-bit video error in powerpoint 2016.

Powerpoint cannot insert a video from the selected file. Verify that the necessary 64-bit codes for this media format is installed, and then try again. 

Most times the problem we have is reading in between lines and meaning into our problem.

From the stated problem above it says

……….necessary 64-bit codec

 ……..for this media format….

I read many forum online where an expert from Microsoft is saying that to solve the powerpoint video insert problem, you have to deactivate this or that.

 Another one said that you have to convert your video to mkv H264 etc.

While others are suggesting that is only .wmv video format that can work with powerpoint 2016.

Many people suggested running QuickTime video software application on your computer. QuickTime is a video software but it has to do with Apple products.

 People also suggested that before you insert video in powerpoint, the powerpoint will be run in safe mode (Press and hold Ctrl keypad of keyboard while opening powerpoint!).

This sounds funny, how on earth the person that design powerpoint will ask you to put it in Safe mode while working with it Every computer or Android comes with default media player.

This default player cannot play all the media format. There is a need for you to get a particular media software that can work with a particular file.

How to fix insert video error in powerpoint 2016 and above. 

1. Install powerpoint 2016 or above.

2. Insert the powerpoint or MS key.

3. Open any slide and see if you get error while adding video.

4. Close the powerpoint.

5. Go to codec websites and download latest K-Lite codec full pack.

6. Install K-Lite Codec.

7. Install all other packages that comes with codec.

8. Ensure you install all Ditect9x.

9. After installation click finish.

10. Open powerpoint and insert any video format you want.

First Download the video software here and install

K-Kite Codec Pack latest

Watch the video here.