How to Create Online TV Streaming Mobile App

In this post am going to show you how to design the much demanded Online Straming TV application.

Before you start the app make use of Android Studio, json, Javascript, Java, php, nodes. In case you want to know details. The app is of two types, The one that required complete code in case you want in-app payment and the second as free download.

Let’s start to build Online TV app.

1. Install Android Studio 3. 5.3 or above version.

2. Request or download the already made app sources code here.

3. Extract the folder containing the online TV app and look for instructions.

4. Import the app into your android studio software and download the necessary files. Ensure you’re connected to internet.

5. Rename the app avd do Refractor, you can check how to rename app package name here.

6. If everything worked well without error, test your app with real device that has internet connection and enter details to open the app.

7. Create admob and add the admob publisher id, banner id, interestial id, video id. Check how to add or integrate admob to android app here

8. Is time to deploy your app to Google Play Store. Ensure you have tested the app across different devices to ensure smoothness.

Download the app here. Comment if you have problems.