How to Create and Design Online Streaming Live TV in Android Mobile

Welcome to android development ground. Today am going to show you how to create timed android app. This app is essential because some login and privacy app needs timing. If the able is in idle state automatically it will logout. Lets start. The below app is compatible in and androidx. 

1. Install android studio in your pc if you don’t have any. Open android Studio and start a new app.

2. Normally if you create an app in Android studio there will be MainActivity java and activity_main Xml so add the below code in java and Xml respectively.

3. Create another Java class and name it…… and the codes below.

4. Same as three.

5. Go to Manifest and add this code as see here. There will be no mistake.

6. Go to drawable folder and add all the necessary image files. If you want to use xml for background colour, angle and corners. You can add the files ie xml here.

7. Create a folder called menu under res and create xml files for toolbar inside the menu folder. Add your necessary selections, names and use the image in folder for src/icon.

8. Make sure that the names in xml corresponds to calls on activity java. If you copy codes rebuild or sync with system files before it may work. You can invalidate and restart Android Studio entirely if yiu run into issues.

9. When you import a project may be from github or other folders, first build and test the app before migrating to androidx. Some project are incomplete or have issues with latest version.

10. When you are working with any app that requires internet, remember to add user-permission of internet on AndroodManifest xml.

11. To change your android app icon, prepare a professional 512 png image. Right click on the app, select image close to asset, click on the icon image and select your own image, make sure you save the process.

You can also add the 512×512 size png image in drawable, go to AndroodManifest and replace the image icon with @drawable/logo_icon.

12. To test your app. You can use emulator or real device. If your testing apps depends on the configuration real device is better.

When it comes to speed of first build real device is preferable. Ensure you download emulator, download and install adb drivers.
Click on the green play sign on android studio toolbar and select emulator or real device.

You can as well build the app, get it on apk form, copy to any device that is compatible and run the app.

You can attach the app to any part of the code you want to log out. You can also time the app according to this equation.

If you are having problem with the code, contact me.