How to convert website / blog to android application using Android Studio. All you need to know at no cost.

How to convert website / blog to android application using Android Studio. All you need to know at no cost.
Android phones have overtaken all the phone joined together. The need for your website WordPress blogger to be an android responsive application has increased. If you are a blogger, you will agree with me that sharing your traffic or revenue is dangerous. If you give you blog to other website converter to app for free. You will end up working for them. Like appygyser that will force their pop up ads across your android app without your consent. Unless you pay heavily in order to remove the ads
The good news is here, Android Studio software has ‎made easy for to convert your website, WordPress, blogger to a fully responsive android application called apps(apk) without paying through your nose or other secret T&C. All you need to do is use Android Studio convert your website to app, distribute the app or upload it to Google Play store and within sometimes your blog has circulated.

Requirements for converting your website/blogger to android app apk.

1. You need steady and heavy Internet data connection or WIFI.
2. Download Android Studio software 2.1.13 recommended.
‎3. Find any image editing software to prepare your own android logo icon. Note the image dimension is 512*512 px in PNG format.
4, you need a good PC with high configurations and speed.
5. A little programing knowledge (optional)

Problems to face while converting your website to android app.

1, errors coming from Android Studio software.
2. How to remove the title bar(the title in the blue bar on top of app)
3. How to remove toolbar (Blue Square on top of app)
4. How to remove FloatingAction Button ( the email envelope sign) located bottom right of Android app apk.
5 How to build, sign and align your android app for Android users or for uploading to Google play store.

H‎ow to convert website / blog to android app.

Download Androids Studio and install on your computer. Allow the android Studio to update all the required files. You must have enough data to do this.
Go to and upload the designed android icon logo you prepared earlier. Remember it must be 512X512px in png format. This website will convert your logo to Android Studio logo image standard. After conversion you will download the logo on zip file. Extract the zip file, open the folder, you will see 5 different pictures of different sizes. Locate the folder where logo icon is to replace it.
How to change Android app icon image
Go to this folder local Disk(C:) from here to
  • >>ProgramFiles
  • >>Android 
  • >>Android Studio 
  • >>plugins
  • >>android
  • >>Lib
  • >>templates
  • >>gradle projects
  • >>NewsGlassModule
  • >>root
  • >>res
There will be a folder here containing 



Mipmap –xhdpi
Mipmap –xxhdpi

Change the logo inside this 5 folder respectively with the one you downloaded or change the folder entirely.

Conversion of website or blog to Android app
1. Open the Android Studio app and enter your website name.
2. Select the least android version (eg 4.0.0)

3. Select Basic activity
4. When the Android Studio opens Click app>>Content main.xml>>>design
5. After design then click MainActivity.xml to replace your website code.
Delete the selected area and replace with code below.
6. After delete the selected area and replace with code below.

 Download the code from here

7. The replaced codes will look like below picture
8. Click app>>manifests>>AndroidManifest and add the internet permission line as indicated in picture below.

Download AndroidManifest code from here

for password chat us at Whatspp group

9.  Click on green play icon to build your coded app. See picture bellow
10. Wait for the android to build. It takes sometimes to build
11. When your android finish building it will look like google in the picture below. This is because the domain name used in the Android Studio is
After programing then you have to.

How to remove title bar earlier mentioned

Open Style.xml and Styke21.xmk‎ or Style 21 and
Change this code

How to remove blue top sqaure bar (Tool Bar)

Open activity.main.xml
Change from design to text
Delete from

How to remove email envelope or floating button

Open activity-scrolling.xml
Delete from
……… Button

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