Download Infinix X555 Zero 4 clone SPD firmware

Here, let me show you how to flash SPD android phone Infinix X555  Zero 4 clone SPD is different from MTK because flashing of MTK is more easier than SPD.
What happened to the phone you want to flash?

Is the phone Infinix X555 hanging?
Does it automatic restarts?
Is it writing or displaying Memory Full?
Is it totally dead, that is it can’t boot up again no matter how you try?

The first thing to do is perform Hard Reset on the phone. If this doesn’t fix the problem then follow these steps.

Download Infinix X555  Zero 4 clone SPD china copy

1. Download Infinix X555 Zero 4 ROM.

2. Download spd usb driver from here.
3. Get your computer ready.
4. Install the SPD use driver on your computer.
5. Ensure other drivers are updated.
6. Charge the phone battery either externally if is removable or direct with the phone if it still power on.
7. Extract the rom downloaded earlier on.
8. Download SPD ResearcherDownloader tool, Upgrade Downloader Tool or Factory tool.

9. Extract and open the Tool you download above, load the rom on the tool, click download/flash on the tool, press and hold the phone Volume Up or Volume Down and connect it with USB to computer.
10. Wait for the phone to flash finish and the software will show Passed in green indicating successful flashing. The remove your phone and power it on.

If you encounter any problem use our comment section or check SPD android solution on

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