How to Pay for Car insurance in Nigeria

Today let me show you how you can pay for car insurance in Nigerian and also calculate the Insurance value of your car. that 3 ways you can insure your car in Nigeria left to accident that require. Take for instance if you insure your car against accident, if you have accident you will report … Read more

Types of Standard Practical Insurance

Insurance companies to be stronger than banks because of the nature of their business. In a country where things work the way it suppose be. You eventually ensure everything you have from life, school, building, children, funeral, wedding and so on. Insurance is different from Phone warranty. But in Nigeria as a case study many … Read more

Nigeria Car Insurance: A problem without easy solution

Buying G-wagon and Range Rover in Nigeria is not a problem but maintenance. Insurance is defined as a process by which you pay premium. That means you pay per annual or periodically. Anything happens to the object or life insured you get a benefit or your next of kin. In most cases depending on the … Read more